We’ll ignore the “man” in this equation. If you feel comfortable, can you post your income and your bills? You say you make more than enough, so let’s see where your money is going. Do you have a WRITTEN budget(before the month begins) of what will be paid that month? If not, go ahead and do one for May.
We follow what we call a ZBB, or Zero-based budget”. Put your income at the top of the page. Underneath that, subtract all the stuff you need to pay. Your income minus your expenses should equal zero.

Income 2000
mortgage 800
car payment 300
car ins. 100
food 300
utilities 200
student loan 200
credit card 100

Income(2000) minus expenses(2000) equals zero. Your numbers will be different – this is just numbers thrown together quickly. So, time to do yours!

I’ll wait… 🙂