I was very suspicious of MLMs but there were so many pro-Arbonne sites (all consultants I now know) that I really thought it was legit. I realize now that I desparately wanted the ‘dream’ to be true…they told me that in 2 years I could be an NVP making over $20K a month and I wanted it for my family. It’s published in the Arbonne brochures even.

I did everything they suggested…purchased a few ‘pup sets’ – we call them party in a box here, bought a color line (that was the big $$$ expenditure), went to the retreats, heard Shad speak, Arbonnized my home and my mom’s home, gave away lots of stuff, participated in every challenge and every hot potato, talked friends and family into hosting parties, made numerous cold calls to salons (even signed a few), got on all the conference calls, went to all the meetings, I worked this hot and heavy for a solid year.

I couldn’t sell the stuff at retail price and it was really hard to get parties..harder to get people to attend. I ended up losing a lot of money because I just felt obligated to give the hostess something for all of her trouble…especially when she felt obligated to place an order. When I did coaching calls about this, they told me it was my ‘belief’. Sadly I believed them and just kept trying harder.

In August I signed 1 business builder who made a very heavy investment and my paycheck went way up…that is when the light bulb went off!!! There really is no way to be successful at this business by selling product, it’s all about signing people who will invest in the business and consume the product the way I did. She got stuck with a lot of product (her fault I know but I just can’t DO that to people!).

The real problem came in September when the holiday line came out. They did a training on how to sell the stuff…it would sell at retail in pretty baskets and hurry and order because it will run out in October!!! I carefully planned with my husband how much we were going to sell and use as gifts and I purchased extras for my business. I didn’t sell ANY of it except to close friends and family. I tried to move it for Valentines and Mother’s Day, no luck!!! I still have an incredible amount left over…this is the case with other consultants and Arbonne STILL has these products available on the website!!!!

So I’m still trying to use it, plus the RE9 breaks my face out so I can’t use up the pups, so I decide to try to sell off some kits to other members of the team…my low orders and this did not win me any brownie points with my RVP.
Now I’m out of the club…don’t want me to poison the newbies…So I start digging and see the real truth!!! Find some websites that explain it all, and start noticing what a big facade it all is. There’s NO WAY to make $22K per month…even with 6 nations wide,,,,the numbers are SKEWED!!! A few people who have been around for a while are making SERIOUS money and the rest of the NVPs are making maybe $6-$7K per month (this is just mathematic) and they average it all and come up with that fantastic number. Worse yet, looking back at previous years the only reason people were promoting that quickly was because of some unethical forums using this Results/puppy dog approach, it should take 5-7 years to get to the top and more like 10 to get serious money and thats IF there were any people left to sucker and IF I were willing to do it, which I’m not!

So I’m out…they turned off my id 2 days ago and I am waiting for a refund of the product that I could return. I’m stuck with all of the holiday product as it is seasonal. My poor family and friends will be getting Arbonne for gifts for a long time but at least I don’t have to bug them for parties!!! I’m free! I have some small satisfaction in noting that their numbers keep going down, they have less active consultants than they did a year and a half ago, although nobody tracks it historically so they don’t notice it. They just talk about the growth potential and don’t realize people keep dropping out.

There is SO much more I could say but I am sure all of you know the gig, the brainwashing, how wierd it was to drive down streets and NOT look for salons, how strange to have a conversation with a stranger and NOT wonder how I was going to work Arbonne into the conversation….

I lost a few friends but I have my life back and my family got me back. Now I spend time in my garden and with my grandson and have picked up a new hobby herbs and aromatherapy. I did get a lot out of the experience so I don’t see it as a total loss but it has been rough coming out of the fog all by myself. I want to tell all of the others the truth but I know they won’t see it so I am being quiet and gracious…

Looking forward to making some new friends (here) while I process it all and try to move on with my life. Sorry for such a lengthy post! Thanks for reading…