for the ‘new to us’ vehicle and SUV ($125 main vehicle, $100 on DH’s work), the kids and I decided to pool our resources and we are getting a moped this Friday. It’s a bit of a hard hit ($800), but we just can’t keep spending $225 or more a week on gas getting the kids to and from work (mostly) and to and from school. Especially since starting this Friday we have money coming out for medical insurance.

We are living in gratitude, as the gas money came out of odd job payments from baseball umpiring and babysitting, so we’re not “out” money per se. I try not to look at the $900 not going to getting out of debt (it would pay for 2 credit cards.) Oh well. It will pay off in the long run, especially with two of them working more or less full time when school gets out.

So the homework is, we redid our budget to accommodate the purchase of another vehicle and have adjusted our payoff schedule for CCs. I’m also putting up a new babysitting ad for summer care in my home today. I have a feeling that my tutoring gig is going to end in a month and the girl I take to and from school is moving, so there goes my extra income !