When we started the TMMO 5 years ago dh had not purchased any new clothes in at least 2 years prior to that. Then unemployment for 18 months and being gazelle intense for 5 years hit and well let’s just say his summer wardrobe was pretty bad.

Today we went shopping for warm weather clothing for him. He was like a kid in a candy shop, never before has he been enthusiastic about clothes shopping (neither of us are big on it generally). We didn’t go hog wild a new shirt for work, 7 new good quality colored t shirts, socks, underwear and a couple of pairs of shorts (we bought him 2 pairs of new shoes last month). We’ll purchase a few more things on amazon.com tomorrow for work and home because his size is sometimes a bit hard to find.

When we finished the shopping and were headed over to do our monthly big shopping at Sam’s Club he was grinning ear to ear. I said “it’s a good feeling isn’t it?”

“What?” he replied

“Going in and buying a new summer wardrobe with cash and KNOWING it belongs to you…”

“…and not the bank, yes it is wonderful.” He finished my sentence and added his remark.

From there we did cash purchases at 3 other places and came in below budget. It was truly a wonderful feeling.