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I should have remembered this from an Isaac Asimov book

but I had forgotten them a long time ago, then a friend starting using them as his sig on email. It sums up dealing with tmp782001 and all the other drones we run into who are too busy being right to listen:

“Against stupidity, the gods themselves contend in vain.”
–Frederick Schiller

Note I’m not saying you have to be dumb to get in an MLM, but we all know how the brainwashing and dronethink can drain one’s IQ. A quote like that actually makes me feel better when I can’t break through the wall with a drone. It’s a reminder it’s not an easy thing to do.

Any feedback is appreciated

I have been thinking about contacting some local schools and colleges with the possibility of informing students about MLMs. If they have knowledge of MLMs before being approched by them maybe they won’t fall prey to their schemes.

My son was approched at the beginning of his freshman year at college and he did get suckered in. Almost four years later he is still in it.
That was not the goal his Dad and I had in mind for him when we paid for his two years at college. I keep thinking of all the kids graduating and heading for college that may also get suckered in. It makes me sick. So, this idea of informing other kids of MLMs before they start college has been stuck in my head. Is this a good idea???