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No need to be sorry for the length of your post

It is nice to hear a positive story. We are here to support you however we are able so I would like to offer my congratulations on your “escape”. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a better life for your family. I know that is why I got in and my parents, sister etc. Do you think it would be possible to unload this stuff with another consultant or some one who could sell it, maybe at a super discount to at least get rid of it?

I was reading the post about the ‘sister dissed her’ yesterday and it made me want to cry!

one of my closest friends lost her father recently and about october i went to visit her and she told me then how abandoned she had felt because all i talked about was arbonne when I had seen her earlier in the year…it was the beginning of the end for me with arbonne. anyway I saw her today and told her that i was out and apologized and just listened to her talk about her experience.
it felt so good to just be in the moment, not worrying about racing home to make calls etc etc!

funny that I could talk to HER about my experience when I can’t talk to others. I was just honest and told her what it is like. I still can’t believe the whole thing. The people in my city probably have no idea what is going on, it’s pretty new here maybe 1 1/2 years. I really want to tell one woman with 2 small children but she is in so deep I don’t think she’ll listen. I will just wait I know she’ll contact me when she decides she has had enough. I called a friend who did mk for a while and talked to her when I was early in the getting out phase. I was a real mess!

I’m sure I’ll find it all funny someday right now I’m just shocked that the government allows this to go on and really angry that the snow you on being such a happy family when the outcast you as soon as you are starting to question things.