Monthly Archives: September 2015

Prom tux rental

Can anyone point me to a decent place to rent a tux online ? Our local places are high. Gotta love small town living. LOL My son got invited last minute and now I am working the prom budget.

Living in squallor (was: driving shed)

I appreciate the question about the driving shed, because it brings up something I have been wondering for quite some time.

When is something necessary versus a want?
I know it’s different for every person, and maybe it’s because I have been decluttering. Examples in my life (for which I don’t have answers yet):
Still haven’t fixed the door my DDnow17 broke. Probably about $150
I have several large items which need to be hauled away which no one wants (piano which needs significant restoration, bed frames, various broken or intact stools, shower door). I get charged for haul away, about $150.
Dishwasher stopped working. I tried fixing it myself. Nope. So if I’m lucky, I’ll get it fixed for less than $200, otherwise I will have to replace it to the tune of about $400.
Car repairs, most of them fairly major and safety issues. I was able to break them down in to groups of 3, and in order of safety, but they’re going to run about $800 each.
After 10 months of financial drought, we still don’t have a good emotional grip on our spending. We brought in about $800 extra this month + $65 for essay writer (404, site not working now 🙁 ) and blew it (feels like) on things we have been putting off for months. And our laptop was stolen, so that had to be replaced. And we ate out, three times, for the first time in like a year. I guess I can take the viewpoint that just like rain falling on arrid, parched earth, water isn’t going to immediately sink in, there’s going to be run off as the earth can’t absorb it.
But I digress. The point is: I’m tired of living in what feels like squallor due to all the stuff which is in disrepair. But I really hate living in debt too, and I really liked the feeling of paying two bills off entirely last month (another is set to pay off this Friday.)
I liked the statement someone made about the driving shed: is the cost of doing nothing going to result in a higher catastrophic cost versus spending the money now? That’s kind of where I’m at with the car. The rest is just me being tired of living in garbage.