His car got hit in the parking lot where she works as she was getting ready to begin her evening shift. Basically, the other driver backed out of the space and didn’t/couldn’t see out of her back window of the SUV and bumped into my kid. FL is a no fault state, so the insurance co can duke it out. She picked up her car this am and not quite fixed, so back to the shop it went. My am today has been eaten up with taking dealing with this situation and taking her to work. She’s already found a ride back to the dealership between shifts.

The pool is still not clean…I’m tired of the rain that comes and dumps pollen, leaves and sticks into it. Will work on that this week since I am not going to the TPC golf tournament this year–no obligations, so giving away tickets to people who like that sort of thing.

going to pay the bills. My allergist discounted my bill, so I’m happy to pay whatever she charges. The dentist also made sure everyone got whatever work we needed before the insurance got dropped and will discount us a little on services–20 years with the guy, so wanted to stay with him.

On the bright side, the business is doing ok. We have some students and we will do a grand opening at the end of the month. We have invited the other schools in the federation to join us, so this should be fun. I think my kids are looking forward to breaking something and there will be a seminar on that–guess I need to purchase some wood boards and dowels and some concrete blocks.